Suite 1a
Frederick House
Brewer Street
ME14 1RY
Frederick House

HELPLINE: 01622 763000

Email: practice@quantumcounselling.co.uk

Quantum offers a comprehensive range of counselling
services to individuals, organisations and companies.

  • Dedicated telephone help line
  • 24Hr confidential answer phone/fax
  • Web site for up to date information
  • Face to face counselling for individuals and couples
  • Group facilitation
  • Work place support for employers and managers
  • Critical incident management and Defusion
  • Training for organisations and companies tailored to needs

"Counselling is not an easy option it takes a lot of courage to make the first step"

Over the past 30 years Richard has worked as a counsellor in a number of different
settings, both in the public and private sector, many numbers of people from a variety
of social and cultural backgrounds.

"People come for counselling for many different reasons. It has been my
experience that there are two driving forces: the desire to gain insight and
then use that to bring about liberation from the worries and concerns
confronting them"

Quantum hopes to provide that opportunity to the community across the Southeast

Centre Director Richard Gerrish
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